From Whence Doth Wisdom Come Forth?

So begins a question for many men – an ageless question that has been pondered upon by great philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and many, many more.

Man has always sought for wisdom, of which he knows leads to answers, direction & purpose.

Man needs wisdom. His lack of it has led to the destruction of homes, communities and civilizations throughout time abroad. Yet his acquisition of wisdom has reversely done the same, building up and bringing life.

It is out of that reality that Man Wisdoms exists. To bring forth wisdom, which brings forth life.

And there are many great texts which have accomplished this endeavor, but none more so than the Bible. What can men learn from the Bible? How does it apply to their lives in this modern era? What kind of life could come forth from what is known as “The Book of Life”?

One can only answer this question by knowing the Bible AND applying it.

That is the mission of Man Wisdom – to equip men with tools to succeed.

To heal. To restore. To rebuild – through wisdom.

The world needs a lot of fixing. Isn’t it time you had a tool or two in your belt to fix it?

Start by getting your first tools here – Genesis Videos