On this page you’ll find quotes pulled directly from Man Wisdom videos to carry into your life.

Feel free to share, and more importantly, apply them.

“Before He created it, God knew what He wanted His world to look like. Do you know what you want your world to look like?”

“The stresses of this world will always be outside your front door, but you don’t have to invite them in.”

“When you think about pride, think about this. God did not make man from the sun and the stars, He made him from the dirt.”

“When God breathed into man, he breathed life into him – not death. What do you breathe out?”

“Many men look for the “perfect job”, but God wants to give you the perfect life – the abundant life- found only in Him.”

“Man was made from the dirt, but Eve from the rib.”

“Every Man needs a firm knowledge of the Word God has spoken so that he can lead his family in that knowledge.

“The enemy wants to lead your wife to disrepair and ruin. What are you going to do about it?”

“This much is true of sin. We ‘think’ it is good for food, ‘think’ it’s pleasant, and find it desirable. But sin always, ALWAYS, leads us down a road of pain and regret.”

“Every family needs a man bold enough to lead his family to God – especially when there is sin that needs to be confronted.”

“The way you correct your children communicates the way you love them.”

“Every man, who wants a good reputation, must learn to take ownership of his mistakes.”

“There will always be consequences for our sin, and some of those sins will impact our family, even sins as seemingly small as eating a piece of fruit.”

“God is more interested in how you give than in what you give.

“It should be every man’s hope to fill his name into this verse. “thus                      did according to all that God commanded him, so he did.”

“The world needs men that save through righteousness far more than men who save by wealth or strength.”

“When God delivers from trouble and rescues from danger, never move on until you have given Him thanks.”

“The use of symbolic imagery (i.e. the rainbow) is a great way to teach your family the Word of God.”

“Man was not created to lift himself up to the heavens, he was created to lift his hands up to the heavens and ask, “Lord, what do you want me to do with these hands? How can I use them to honor you, to serve you?”

“Selfless acts and generous contributions are two of the greatest gifts you can give to the family you love, and in doing so, you communicate clearly that they are a far greater treasure than any amount of wealth.”

“If you’re an uncle, strive to be the uncle who protects and defends. The Uncle who brings justice and fairness. The uncle who brings hope and joy. The uncle, when needed, brings rescue.”

“God is the greatest reward a man could ever hold. In Him is wealth eternal, life incorruptible, love and joy immeasurable.”

“No matter who is asking you, if it goes against God, do not attend to their request. Heed to the voice you are called to first love.”

“Circumcision (in the Old Testament) was symbolic of a man not just giving a part of himself, but all of himself; the most intimate part that a man could dedicate to the Lord.”

“What if we invited God into our homes? Not to get something from Him, but to give something to Him?”

“Homes can be filled with many things, but nothing greater than the presence of God.”

“If we are going to protect our children, we should not seek to protect them just in part, but in whole.”

“Regardless of what you do, your children will see impure sexual acts, it’s the world we live in. But what will they see in you?”

“God takes the marriage covenant seriously, and we should too.”

“A good man, a good Dad, will take time to prepare memorable celebrations when his children cross milestones in their lives.”

“Trust defines a relationship.”

“Make each day count. Make today count.”

“How we spend our money doesn’t communicate everything, but it certainly communicates something.”

“One of the greatest gifts you could help your children find is a good spouse – a godly spouse.”

“When you find your spouse, will you be seeking them, or seeking the Lord?”

“Praying for your spouse, allows you as a limited man, to get them into the hands of a limitless God.”

“Teach your children to value what is right. It is the right thing to do.”

“While our desire may be to find a place of temporal blessing, God’s desire is to bring us into a place of eternal blessing – which is most assuredly found when seeking His will.”

“Today, you can choose to let go of the sins of your father – the sins which have become a part of your own life.”

“Perhaps there is no greater curse for us as men to fall under on this earth, than to watch our children live a life of discontent and sorrow because we failed to bless them.”

“If you want to help guide your children and have influence over their lives, especially in their later years when they can start making decisions on their own, bless them. A child who has been blessed by their parents will much of the time end up seeking ways to bless the ones who blessed them.”

“For a man, there is no better place he can go than into the very presence of God.”

“Never stop impressing your wife. Never stop using your strength for her. Never stop serving her.”

As men, it is important for us to know our place, yet, it is even more important to know God’s place. God sits upon His throne sovereignly, and He invites us to come to it and lay our requests before Him

We may not be in the place of God, but we can go tot he place of God – laying our request before the one who could grant them.

“Let Wisdom Spread like wildfire – not worldliness.”

“These days it seems you have to have courage just to keep common sense.”